Hospital / Nursing Home Delivery Robots
High efficiency can save one life, A robot will make it happen by being a medical assistant.
"Temi" Robot For Safer & Enhanced Patient Care
Temi Robots are more accurate and faster than humans. It saves up Nurses & Care givers time by optimizing patient care and reduces medication.

Artificial Intelligence in Motion

Telelink Business Systems partners with Temi which is a multinational robotics company that specializes in Robot as a Service solutions (RaaS), autonomous platforms, Al, smart assistant and cloud-based services.

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Automatic Elevator/Door Control

Automatic Return to Charging

Remote Intelligent Control

Safety Verification Pickup

Telelink's AI Powered Healthcare Robots

Temi Robot - Your Healthcare Manager

Temi healthcare robots are high efficiency robots designed to be versatile, interactive, and user-friendly. They can perform a various tasks to assist healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors within hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. They can be Safer in giving enhanced Patient Care.

Healthcare Robots

Frequently Asked Anything

What is robotics in healthcare?

A fast growing technology which brings greater precision to medical assistant and efficiencies to hospitals & clinics

What are the realistic examples of healthcare robotics

Medical assistants are great real life examples of healthcare robots. They are capable of delivering medical amenities and many others.

Does a robot actually perform the operation?

Yes, it does. They are capable of delivering medical amenities, documents, reports, laptops around the premises with more accuracy and efficiency.

How Telelink Business Systems can deliver robots?

Telelink Business systems partners with Temi, a multinational robotics company that specializes in Robot as a service.

Telelink Business Systems
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