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Business SIP Trunks over the Internet
Upgrading to SIP Trunking is affordable and scalable with a host of benefits and is quickly becoming the number one voice solution for businesses
Reduce your telco cost by up to 50%
It is the most cost effective way of delivering business phone line capacity to a PBX phone system. Significantly reduce your line rental and call costs.
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Connect Australia with Telelink's Business SIP Trunks

Telelink, a renowned telecommunications provider, offers Hosted PBX phone services in Australia with exceptional plans to support your company enabling you to establish a cleaner and more diverse connection.

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Exceptionally Cost Effective
SIP Trunks are the most cost effective way of delivering business phone line capacity to a PBX phone system. Significantly reduce your line rental and call costs.
Fully Portable and Scalable
No physical telephone lines to connect or relocate. Additional call capacity can be activated almost instantly. Connect or disconnect call lines to suit your current business requirements.
Superior Functionality
Delivering the ultimate in business flexibility. It can be deployed in a variety of ways including PBX Systems, IP handsets, a mobile app or a softphone application.
Competitive Carrier Plans
We deliver ultra-competitive carrier plans to our clients. It includes local and national calls with no setup fee or long-term contracts. You can use your existing number too.

“Deploy SIP Trunks Across Multiple Devices

PBX Systems :
It can be used with all major PBXs. Connect them directly to the existing PBX and replace existing telephone lines to reduce line rental and take advantage of cheaper calls

Softphone Apps :
You can transform your PC or laptop into a working phone by adding a SIP trunk to a softphone app. There are many softphone apps to choose from. Another option is to use a mobile app on your smartphone to make calls. This way, you can enjoy affordable local call rates even when you're traveling abroad.
IP Phones :
It can be programmed directly into an IP phone which then becomes a functioning telephone with its own call line and phone number. To make and receive calls, all you have to do is connect the IP phone to an existing broadband service.
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Unlock Cost-Effective Communication: Elevate Your Business with SIP Carrer Services

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is also commonly known as Business VoIP and these calls are made under business sip trunks over the internet.

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Pay only for what your business use.
Reassurance that calls won’t be missed.
Keep people connected.
Market your business nationally with local numbers.
Make it easier for customers to contact you.

Telelink offers the best Business Carrier plans

Your business deserves the best and Telelink’s custom carrier plans helps every business to thrive. So don’t look further contact us for the best business voIP services.

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