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Telelink is a pioneering telecommunication company based in Adelaide, Australia. With over three decades of industry experience, the company has evolved from an installation-centric approach to a focus on Technology and Innovation within the telecommunications sector.
Telelink Business Systems

Transforming Communication with Technology & Innovation

To transform healthcare through innovative telecommunication solutions that enhance patient care, improve efficiency, and address workforce shortages.

To become a leading provider of advanced telecommunication products in the healthcare sector, positively impacting patient outcomes and caregiver experiences.

Telelink offers four world class product lines: Carrier Services, Cloud Phone Systems, Smart Nurse Call Systems & Healthcare Robots

Journey Started in 1985

Telelink, founded in 1985 as a telecommunication installation company, has grown into a credible and well-established player in the industry


Company Foundation

Company was founded as PABX installation company in Adelaide, South Australia

A Established Player

Telelink Business Systems was one of the market's first competitors to sign on as a channel partner for NEC, and at the same time, Telelink acquired the dealership of Telecom Australia, better known today as Telstra.




Expansion & Invention

While Telelink was expanding, he decided to take on another incredible invention, Nurse Call System. Healthcare is everyone's lifeline, after all.

Change Hands

Telelink changed hands and opted to offer its own carrier services. As a result of the Pandemic, every business was experiencing cash flow issues, so we decided to provide some relief to our customers by selling SIP trunks and NBN services at very inexpensive rates.




Evolution in Healthcare

The healthcare market was suffering from a shortage of health care workers, particularly frontline workers such as nurses, so we decided to upgrade existing technology such as Nurse Call System into smart nurse call system, which gives nurses more flexibility, as well as begin offering healthcare robots that can share some of the nurses' responsibilities.


Trusted By Thousand Businesses

South Australian Government. and other reputed entities trust Telelink

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