Smart Nurse Call Systems

IP Nurse Call Systems
IP nurse call systems, or Internet Protocol nurse call systems are ip based systems, represent a modern and highly efficient communication solution for healthcare facilities like hospitals and elderly care. These systems use existing IP networks to enable seamless communication between patients and nurses.
Wireless Nurse Call Systems
The Wireless Nurse Call System is a revolutionary invention that makes communication in healthcare easier. It has user-friendly remote controls that allow patients to call a nurse whenever they need help. Plus, you don't need to use wires or install anything for it to work.
Real-time Notification Devices
Pendant and Wrist watched are the worn devices which helps in subject and staff locations, zones, shifts and the time of day
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Fast Response
This communication system can improve the patient response ratio.
Reports & Analytics
Systems provide every logs in a report and analysis of every patient.
Affordable System
This communication system is highly affordable and recommended to all aged cares.

Major Components

Wrist Watch
Wrist Watch
Call Points


Call Points
Dialler Controller
Report Dashboard

24X7 Medical Alert

Wrist Watch & Pendants

Telelink provides you and your family complete peace of mind, knowing that help is just a button away

When patients require assistance, pressing the call point button triggers immediate notifications on the annunciator and the nurses station.

You wear this on the wrist and it has two-way voice, fall detection, and a GPS locator feature.

It's a device that helps patients when they're not in their rooms or walking around the area. It has seamless integration with other Nurse Call Components.

Pendants are like necklaces that have voice, fall detection, and GPS to show the wearer's location to the operator.

Realtime Devices
Nurse Call Systems Australia

Two Way Call Buttond

Call Points & Dialler

The range includes waterproof call points for wet areas and supported for both flush and surface mounting

Call points behave like remote control to contact nursing staff. They have a feature called IP dialling that sends signals to nurses' devices, allowing them to easily connect with patients

The dialler is a device at care facilities or hospitals. It works with other wearable within 100 meters. When activated, it connects with the operator to send signals.

These are used by supervisors or other healthcare professionals to manage the Nurse Call Systems and overall communication


Reporting & Tools

We provide cloud based management reporting tool for nurse call systems in aged care, independent living, low-care, high-care and hospital facilities

Real-time Dashboard
Care Minute & Staff Efficiency Solution
Report Scheduler
Audit & Security

Nurse Call System Features

Voice module with standard voice attention and patient calling instead of buzzer makes it distinguished

Door indicator helps the nurses to locate the calling patient easily.

Hospital wide central data records can be viewed exported to excel analysed and printed. Reports can be generated in respect of ward, room number, call type, call delay etc.

Pie charts can also be generated using the data for easy analysis.

Through the collaboration with customers in discussing needs and demand, we're able to attainĀ mutual understanding, gain customer trust to offer appropriate advice

Real time recording of call and attend times room/ ward wise, nurse station wise.

Call from a patient remains registered untill the nurse attends the patient and clears the call from his or her room.

Very low working voltage to ensure patient's safety.

Code blue button to ensure no misuse, indication at Nurse Station, Bed side call.