Telecommunications is reshaping the business landscape with advances including Internet, Voice over IP (VoIP) and wireless communications. Progressive companies view digital / voip telephone systems as investments to enhance their reputation, reduce their costs and deliver better customer service. Telelink is a telecommunications specialist with the experience, partnerships and skilled people to assist you to navigate this new terrain.


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SIP lines for quality business communications at an attractive price range.

To be competitive in the market you need a unified communication system that can adjust to your needs. Change the way you do business with a high-quality video and phone calls with an array of features at affordable rates. Get the best out of your existing PABX with the power of SIP lines.

Check out a few of our plans below and contact us for any queries you have. Dedicated engineers at Telelink can come to your business centre and provide you with the options that suit your needs and your budget and will answer the question you might have regarding the SIP lines.