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How to Set Daylight Saving Time on Your Phone

Daylight Saving Time will begin on Sunday, 3rd April 2022, at 2:00:00 AM when clocks are turned backward 1 hour. When Daylight Saving starts, South Australians put their clocks forward by one hour. When it ends, they put the clocks back by one hour.

For your convenience, Telelink Business Systems – Adelaide’s leading provider of NEC telephone systems – has provided instructions about how you change the time on your NEC phone system. However should you have purchased the new SV8100 or SV9100¬†Communications Server with Telstra ISDN sevices you will be pleased to know that the server synchs with the Telstra ISDN exchange on a daily basis and corrects the time automatically.If you have recently installed SIP services for NBN no problem your NEC communications server will automatically change the daylight savings time for you.

Full Instructions: Changing the time involves a different process for each NEC phone system. We have provided full instructions of how to change the time and date on each system listed below, with the numbered steps to make the change. Click on your telephone model to go to the instruction page for your NEC phone system:

If you have a larger PABX to those listed above please contact us for instructions. **Please note if you have digital lines your system will syncronise with your first call made that day so there is no need to follow the above steps.